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Maxi · Wellbeing Services · Yoga Therapist

Welcome beautiful soul


Who am I ?

Nomad, yoga teacher/ therapist, mentor, community builder, lifelong learner, solutionist, changemaker, retreat/ india tour organiser and overall a human being like you…


I’m here to bridge ancient wisdom with modern science and spirituality and make this journey called life fun and enjoyable.

My mission is to UNITE, bringing people together, help individuals to connect to themselves, the (meta)physical world around us and spread the ancient wisdom of Yoga and its positve effect on body, mind and soul.

I believe in fun, purpose and joy…

My Services for you

1:1 Coaching - Yoga Therapy

My Yoga Therapy sessions can help you finding the root cause of your imbalance. Through a holistic approach by detailed questioning and reading your human design I get a good understanding of who you are, your lifestyle and where the issue could come from. I treat every client individually because there is no ''one suits all''- method.

Yoga Workshops & Retreats

Yoga means union and it helps me daily to understand myself and the world around much better, to grow stronger, both on and off the mat and inspires me to live each moment more mindfully. My mission is to make Yoga accessible and fun for everyBODY, regardless of age, level of experience or mobility. I teach Yoga beyond the physical practise because it is so much more than that, Yoga is a mindset and lifestyle.

Guided magical Tours to India

Aikyam Travels is not only a Travelcompany, taking you to the most special, transforming and non- touristy places, it`s also about connecting, community buildung and guiding you safe through magical mother India.
We combine Yoga, spirituality (inner work), sightseeing, delicious food and a lot of fun to guarantee you a trip of your lifetime.


Whether you are seeking guidance  with the help of yoga therapy, want to understand yourself better with the knowledge of human design or you are curious about my story, need a travel advice, co-creation etc. and want to have a free “get to know call”, I’m here to answer any question.

“The meaning of life is just to be alive. It is so plain & so obvious & so simple. And yet, everybody rushes around in a great panic as if it were necessary to achieve something beyond themselves.”

Alan Watts