about me

It's not about DOING it's about BEING

My Mission

My mission is to make Yoga accessible and fun for everyBODY regardless of age, level of experience or flexibility. I bring Yoga off the mat and into every days life- ancient wisdom applied in modern spirituality

My Values

I believe in self responsibility- I’m responsible for my life because I am an energetic match to what is happening to me. I will not rescue or change anyone.

Lifelong learning is key- I aim to keep on learning every single day and always showing up authentically and the best way I possibly can.

“Let your heart guide you, not your Ego”


About me

I believe in:

– in Yoga Therapy we work on the cause of the problem. We dont call it diseases, we speak of imbalances in the body. Through different tools which yoga provides we take a holistic approach to bring body, mind and soul back into balance.

I don't like:

– we cannot avoid facing these things… I’m sure about that. Its part of our dualistic world and life. As a teacher I m doing the best I can to lead as an example and trying to be the best version of myself and showing up every day the best I can.